Because We Care


Having a disability or Cerebral Palsy doesn’t mean we have to do something for nothing.  We can bring many ideas and suggestions to the table which can not only make use of our talents but can open doors and minds if people are mindful.  It takes drive, initiative, and discipline to get somewhere in the universe.  It also takes time, effort, and doing what we care most about; over, and over, and over again, until we are recognized.  Sometimes it’s for money, and sometimes it’s not.  Is it because I care about the project or because I want or need the money? Will this make my name known or hinder my reputation.

As a disabled, women, I have worked hard to make something of myself.  I have worked all my life to make a difference!  To make a real difference in people lives around me!  To help other by being a light!   Not for the money.  Not for the prestige.  Not for the sheer sake of it, sometimes it would have been nice.  However, now, I see, I have come full circle.  People  recognize me, by just being little ole’ me.

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  1. Karen Lynn says:

    Hi sparkle, I guess you could call it expression. I call it writing from my heart and from living it!!!

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