Am I Everything

Every day we wake up. We wash our faces, take a shower or bath and brush our teeth. But, for some of us with cerebral palsy, life is not totally about us. It’s about the people surrounding us. How they take care of us and see our abilities.

Everything we do, every choice we make impacts how they will look at us and deal with us. Some of us will go further in life than others. But why should this be? We have to spend endless energy just trying to exist. That is why it is vitally important that we have our freedom, including the freedom to learn from our mistakes.

Have I done all I can to prove this so?

Every day I do something to prove who I am. I walk the walk, and talk the talk. I believe in myself and my future. I teach others by my actions and deeds.

One comment on “Am I Everything
  1. sean dineen says:

    In your heroic example, you have shown the best in more ways than I can count. So often, you give me the strength to continue.
    I know you will be understood as the greatest living example of true courage in this world.

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