Title: The Healing Horse, Ch 2, Sc 1: Story time and disappearing words

Here is a photo of Karen at her first dance recital, age three-and-one-half, with the famous Al Gilbert who used dance as therapy.

Me at my first dance recital

By the time I began school, I was able to walk, but then a new issue appeared. I could not remember words, so I could not develop the most basic academic skill I would need to succeed as an adult. Needless to say, I dealt with this, too, as you will soon see. But first, here is a photo of me at my first dance recital, age three-and-a-half, with the great Al Gilbert. Even though I needed the brace some of the time, I did not need it to dance.


Scene 1: Story time and disappearing words

Karen’s precious spirit soared bravely beyond her physical limitations, hurts, and pains. As she had envisioned, when she was a baby with a newly acquired disability, she overcame all limitations in her little girl world. She let absolutely nothing stand in her way. She needed longer than most children did to crawl, and then to walk, but after many falls, she found ways to manage her heavy leg brace and to stand on her own two feet. She resolved that she would never let her physical disabilities stop her; however, once she began school, her mother found that Karen was not learning like other children. When Kitten was six and in first grade, she was not developing basic academic skills.

During story time, Karen had problems understanding. She could not retain the words that her teacher had just read aloud. No, please, come back! Wait! she beckoned in her mind, but the lost words vaporized as soon as they were uttered.

Karen never revealed this; she kept it a secret, but it was not a secret to Mama.

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