The Healing Horse, Ch. 8, Scene 09: Mama Energetically Looks Up Ichor

Mama’s intuition leads her to the dictionary, where she gets an important clue about who and what Pegasus is. Ichor is not the same as mortal blood. Pegasus is not just a pretend horse.

Scene 09: Mama Energetically Looks Up Ichor

As soon as she finished the dishes, she went directly to her desk. She felt full of energy and eager to understand what was happening with her Krana Layala and this wooden horse. She opened the thick dictionary she kept on the desk.

Ichor, she thought as she read, like blood but in Greek gods and other supernatural beings.

Silently, she let her mind work, thinking and reasoning as she leaned back in her chair. It was all coming together now. Her intuition was putting all the pieces into place. She understood on a deeper level than ever before how important this horse was to her Kitten, and the spiritual meaning behind it.

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