The Healing Horse, Ch. 7, Scene 18: K Races to Rescue Pegasus

Scene after scene, little Karen draws upon her inner strength as she struggles through life, facing one disappointment after another, but soon, everything will improve for her.

Scene 18: K Races to Rescue Pegasus

Smiling back at mama, she explained where she was going, and out the kitchen door she flew. Like an injured mama cat searching for her lost kitten, she limped down the street, her calm composure helping her endure.

“So glad to be outside, again,” she said to herself as she took in breath after breath of fresh air and soaked up the sunlight. “I am well, again. I am well. I can take this walk. I can take this walk just like I did before! Step by step I will move forward. I will make my way down the sidewalk, through the park, and down the ramp to the hippodrome, pushing, pushing on.”

The outside Karen shared this adventure with her inner Kitten, and her inner KItten provided the strength she needed. Block after block she marched, drawing strength from difficulty. With each step, she felt her weak muscles working hard, pulling with every contraction and stretching with every elongation. This was the furthest she had walked in weeks, and she knew that the journey was taking over twice as long as it used to. After an hour of trudging, she reached her destination, both legs trembling from fatigue.

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