The Healing Horse, Ch 6, Scene 5: Kitten Arrives Home

As Karen completes her journey to the pier and back, her mother’s heart fills with nakhas, or enjoyment of pride in one’s children.

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Scene 5: Kitten Arrives Home

Twenty-five minutes later, Mama watched Karen walk through the kitchen door and heard her say, “Hi, Mama, I’m home.”

“Hello, sweet Kitten, how was your day?” she replied. I sure am glad she didn’t see me at the park. I’m so happy I’m giddy!

“It was amazing, Mama! I’m very, very glad you suggested this to me.”

“Going to the pier? Yes! I got your note. Did you do it?”

“Yes. I walked all the way there and all the way back. And I rode a horse!”

You bring me such nakhas! Mama thought. Then she said, “Well, dinner is ready. So, how about if you go wash your hands, and you can tell me all about it at the table?”

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