The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scenes 7 & 8: Two Brilliant Insights

image of blue sky at dawnI combined these two scenes because they are so short, and because they add up to an important message that every child with a disability needs to hear: find your own wisdom, and do not expect so-called experts to understand that you are growing up. Many of them will pigeonhole you as a helpless child, even though you are not. They cannot see past their ableism.

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Scenes 7 & 8: Two Brilliant Insights

Mama parked in the driveway, and Karen followed her into the house.

“You should rest, now, my Krana Layala. You’ve been through a lot today.”

“I know, Mama, but I keep thinking about the experts and how they want to limit me. I need help understanding what happened.”

“You know as much or more as I do, my girl. Maybe you should take a walk and let your thoughts settle.”

They hugged, and Kitten headed for the stables. She needed to find her own wisdom, and she needed to talk with Pegasus.


At the stables, Pegasus asked, “Did you have that meeting?”

“Yes, and they looked at my whole being as if I were something of no value.”

“They don’t know what value is, do they? Nor do they have any insight into the repercussions this will have later in your life.”

“You’re right. They see me as a thing, not as a growing person. You would think that, with their education, they would have some compassion for people with disabilities. Instead, they have no respect at all for us and cannot imagine that someday we will grow up and need to care for ourselves.”

Pegasus replied, “Compassion is a trait that can be developed, but it isn’t something that a person learns from a book. It certainly isn’t part of what the experts learn. You don’t need experts who want to pigeonhole you. You need adults who can guide you.”

She felt her intuition light up. “You’re right, Pegasus. That’s exactly what the problem is. And it’s the same for every kid with a disability. The experts cannot imagine us growing into functioning adults. They think we’ll stay babies forever.”

They parted, and as she walked home, she looked up into the clear, blue sky, and said to herself, My potential is as unlimited as the sky, and I am on my way to fulfilling it. I will not let any phony experts stand in my way.

Original text ©2022 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved.

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