The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 5: Mama Speaks

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The story continues as Mama speaks up and rescues Karen from the evil experts.

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Scene 5: Mama Speaks

“Now, look here! I’m sure you found out all you need to know. You disregarded my daughter’s feelings, while being very intrusive. You wouldn’t appreciate being taunted, if you were the ones with braces on your legs. She is not a criminal, and you are not here to interrogate her. This evaluation is completely pointless. You’ve put her through enough. It is time to conclude this meeting. I look forward to reviewing your evaluation and recommendations with the attorney I work for.”

Mama took Karen’s hand and walked toward the door. Mrs. Pinzetti hurried after them. She looked confused for a moment before putting on her false smile and coughing, before speaking in her syrupy voice.

“You don’t really believe that, do you, Mrs. Hershstein?”

“Yes, I do believe my child knows what she is talking about.”

Mrs. Pinzetti said,“I want to be your friend, Karen. Please don’t fight me. This is for your own good. Someday, you’ll thank me. I’m only trying to help you.”

Recalling the unbelievable words she had overheard in the ladies’ room, Karen replied,“I don’t think so! How could I trust someone who treats me like this?”

Mama frowned and glared into Mrs. Pinzetti’s eyes.“How dare you! What do you think you’re doing? One moment, you order Karen around as if she were sub-human, and the next you think she is so stupid that a phony smile and sweet words will trick her into cooperating with you. I thought things were bad, when I walked in on the clinic this morning, but they are even worse than I thought.”

Dr. Lambert interrupted them, as he announced,“There’s nothing more we can do here today. We will resume with the next child, tomorrow morning at nine. Mrs. Pinzetti, I will speak with you later.”

He pulled his coat together over his belly and glared at Mrs. Pinzetti, as he brushed past Karen and Mama on his way to the door. The other experts hurried after him, leaving Karen and Mama behind with Mrs. Pinzetti and Mrs. DeLuca. Without another word, Mama led Karen away.

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