The Healing Horse, Ch. 24, Scene 2: The Binders

After bracing themselves for another ordeal, Karen and Mama return for the evaluation.

Scene 2: The Binders

“Thank you for coming back, Mrs. Hearshstein and Karen. We are ready to begin the evaluation. I’m sure the afternoon will go better than the morning. Walk this way with me please.”

When she said that the afternoon would go better, Karen looked up at Mama. Their eyes met. They both had the same thought. Mrs. Pinzetti meant better for her, not for Karen.

Karen trailed along, as the therapist led Mama to a seat in the back of the room, behind the experts, as far from Karen as she could be. Then she followed her to a table in front of everyone. It had two chairs and a stack of thick binders in front of one of them. They held Karen’s school records, and the school policy was that no one but educators and therapists could see them—not even parents. Mrs. Pinzetti pulled out the chair without the binders.

“Please have a seat, Sugar. I have some questions to ask you.”

Karen knew what kind of questions they would be. Mrs. Pinzetti was not only a physical therapist. She was the closest thing the school had to an expert on special education.

Karen took a deep breath and sat down.

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