The Healing Horse, Ch. 23, Scene 14: Outside the PT Room

After the blow up during clinic, Mama and Karen take a moment to fend of the evil Mrs. Pinzetti and regroup. 
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Scene 14: Outside the PT Room

As Karen followed Mama down the hallway, she heard Mrs. Pinzetti cough and call out, “Mrs. Hershstein, please come back with me!”

Mrs. Pinzetti reached over her, again, and held onto Mama’s arm. Her face was pale and covered with a light sweat. Mrs. DeLuca stood behind her.

“I need your cooperation. I need you and Karen to come back. I know things have not gone well, but we need to work on this together.”

Mama calmly replied, “We are well aware of that, and we will be back, but now we all need a break for lunch. Care to join us?”

“I’m not allowed,” Mrs. Pinzetti mumbled. “I’m supposed to eat with the others in the PT room.”

“Suit yourself,” Mama said. “We are going to the cafetorium, where we can eat with the children.”

Karen watched as Mrs. DeLuca followed Mrs. Pinzetti back into the PT room and closed the door behind them.

“See, Kitten,” Mama said, as she frowned at the closed door. “Mama’s on your side. She intercedes for you. You watch how I handle things, and you’ll learn to advocate for yourself. Then you can teach others to advocate for themselves. When you deal with these experts, you have to remember that sometimes people let their education and authority get in the way of doing what’s right. They’re human beings with feelings, just like you and me, but the educational system has taught them to detach themselves from their feelings and to impose their will on the people they are supposed to serve. And it’s teaching the same thing to the young ones coming into the field.”

Karen knew Mama was right. Mrs. Pinzetti was teaching Mrs. DeLuca to hurt handicapped people, just like Mama was teaching her to be an advocate for them.

“Mama?” Karen said. “I think I need to go to the ladies’ room, so I can have a quiet place to center myself. Could you please get me something to eat? I’ll catch up with you in the cafetorium. This whole morning is having a bad effect on my nervous system.”

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