The Healing Horse, Ch. 13, Scene 3: Karen Makes a Decision

In this scene, Karen follows her intuition in deciding where to take Pegasus for the day in honor of him. She surprises her mother and herself with her newfound belief in herself and her abilities.

Scene 3: Karen Makes a Decision

Karen immediately spread her collection of amusement park brochures across her bed. She stared hard at them and asked herself what would mean the most to Pegasus? Panning for gold at Knott’s Berry Farm would be impossible, since he did not have hands to hold a gold pan. Marineland looked good to her, but she didn’t think he would like seeing all the captive animals. Then she noticed something on the Disneyland brochure that made her decision easy—King Arthur’s Carousel. He would love chatting with other carousel horses.

She ran into the kitchen, and said, “Mama, I have made a decision. We are taking Pegasus for a day of fun in his honor.”

Mama looked up from the stove, where she was simmering a pot of chicken soup.

“That sounds nice, my Krana Layala. Where do you suppose we could take him? He’s awfully big to haul around, you know.”

“Disneyland, Mama! The enchanted kingdom! See, they have a carousel from King Arthur. Pegasus’ll love chatting with the other horses, and we can go on all sorts of rides, too.”

She handed the brochure to her mother, who looked through it, one page at a time.

“It’ll be a day of celebration,” Karen continued, “a day different from any he’s ever had before. I want him to know what a difference he’s making in my life. He’s helping me find strength, joy, and happiness. This will be my way of showing him my gratitude. It will be a complete surprise for him, and he will love it.”

Karen felt her eyes overflow with tears of joy. She looked up into her mother’s eyes, and saw that she was crying, too.

“But how will we get him there?” Mama asked. “And will the park even let him in? Do they let people bring horses to Disneyland? And when will we go?”

Karen reached up with her strong right hand and put it onto Mama’s shoulder.

“Don’t you worry, Mama. My intuition tells me this will all work out, and if it doesn’t then I’ll make another plan. You can depend on that. Pegasus always believed in me, and now I do, too. School break begins on Christmas Eve, and I think that will be the perfect day for an outing.”

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