Reflections of My Heart: Crashing

Photo of a blue jay fledgling

In 1984, while going for my daily walk to think, rejuvenate, and exercise my body, I looked up and saw another bird. Do you remember the one I told you about before?

Being In tune with all of life, great and small, and having CP, and a learning disability, I was gifted a greater understanding of life than most. This poem is about another bird I saw fall from its nest. My heart broke as I thought, what if I had died because of the vaccine and the doctor who was too eager to listen to his ego, rather than to my mother, who had seen my reaction to the first shot?

He did not listen to his moral compass. It was easier to side with the appealing consensus about vaccinations—that the benefits outweighed the risk of having a child paralyzed with brain damage and having to live her life with all these complications.

Seventy-three years passed, and there is even less kindness and compassion in the world. While the medical community marketers insist the situation is far better, I testify it is not. The doctors have simply added slickness to their moralizing and minimizing.

Do not follow experts when your heart and gut tell you otherwise.

If a patient’s parent tells you their child reacted to the first serum, where, honestly, does the line get drawn? When do the rules get bent? And when are innate intelligence, compassion, and understanding used?

Are doctors taught this is medical school? I think not! After seven decades, did they change the rules? No…

When I was a child, doctors were gods. You didn’t question, as they always knew what was best for you. They were always right. You couldn’t discuss treatments or options. They had the knowledge, and you didn’t. You had to do as they said. And, it is still like that in the course of our present day. If you look through their smiles, you see it clearly.

Today it’s even worse. Today we are bullied into yearly exams where the doctors always find something expensively wrong with us.

If you think and feel like me, you must let your voice be heard. Call your elected officials and let them know, instead of taking a step back by thinking that it is too hard, takes too much time to sit on the phone to reach the right consultant, or you brush it off by thinking somebody else will speak up and out for you. You have it all wrong.

Change will happen only if we do the leg work ourselves.

So I lovingly, with care and much concern, challenge you and pass the baton on to you, my readers.

We must keep the right to be heard with caring and sympathy. Doctors ought to be taught how to show concern for their patients, rather than this harsh coercion.

Too often, in our everyday lives, doctors want to be right, and in control, rather than work with us and be caring.

Does any of this ring true for you, or does it matter at all? It did for me.

In the midday sun,
A newly fledged bird fell from its nest
Crashing to its death!

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Original text ©2024 by Karen Lynn-Chlup. All rights reserved. Image by lwolfartist, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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