How to be Present in Your Life

There are many positive things a person with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs can do for themselves.  But one must want to do it. One must be willing to step out of the box, and go to any lengths. One must be willing to take action when action is needed.

Thus, a very important aspect of your determination depends on your commitment to yourself.  Too often, people in our shoes, are not made aware of their opportunities or options because someone else has gotten in the way.  Someone wasn’t willing, or kind enough to pass the information along to you that might have helped.  The solution to this problem is to be proactive.  Triple check everything that passes your way.  Do research on information that was given to you by outsiders. Never accept a word for face value. Never allow anyone you do not know well, or trust, to pressure you into making a decision.  Listen to your inner self.  Trust what it tells you. Be gentle and go forth.

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