How Do I Navigate My Life

In your life, do you sit passively on the sidelines?  Do you sit back and watch the world go by?  Do you often look out into the oceans water wondering how you are going to master the obstacles in your life?  Do you ask yourself how you are going to make your life happen?   And when!  Do you reach out to others in the things you are interested in so that you can move forward?

Do you see people taking on jobs or positions you wished you could have, or are capable of handling?

What’s holding you back?  What can you do to change your circumstances?  How can you rise above?

Are the people around you telling you that you cannot succeed?  What happens inside your being?  Do you fight and stand up for your rights, or do you plop down onto the couch and wither away in sadness and depression? Do you let those thoughts win?

It’s worth believing in you.  For one, you build your own self-confidence and self-esteem.  You take on new ideas, inviting challenges, and by engaging yourself with new people and activity you hear your own voice. You start to like what you see.  You have experienced something new.  You are making choices on your own.  You are not frittering your life away. And, you are not listening to those who once told you, you couldn’t.

Is it worth stepping outside the box?  Is it worth trying?  Is it worth feeling good about yourself?

One comment on “How Do I Navigate My Life
  1. Seanpdineen says:

    Grabbing on to the mental life raft you have thrown out while also sustaining you with mine, I thank God daily for your goodness and your warmth.   When drained to my last ounce of agony, I am refreshed by your healing laughter, and reinvigered by your example.

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