A Beam of Light

During the last month, I have experienced a good many aha moments.  Moments of clarity, moments of enlightenment, and moments of vision.  All leading me to develop a deeper sense of myself and the life I live, and am committed too.  A life that I have led with purpose, meaning, dignity, and desire.  It has been a worthwhile journey with all its upheavals, challenges, changes, and, cataclysm events.

Because of this, I now can delight in the magnificent moments I have, the wonderment of my own growth, and, the opportunities to share with others.   I have been blessed with the ability to focus in on the good, the positive, the inherent attributes I have achieved, as well as have been invoked with some kind of divine favor, by which I have been given the good fortune, possession, and  talent to give it away freely while gently empowering others.

I have continued to receive great pleasure and delight from my many acts of courage. To go where no one else has ever gone before. To make straight my  way, and, to shed light in a way never heard before.  This light is beaming brightly because I listened to my own drummer.  Because I felt my own heartbeat, and because I would not take no for an answer.  I made my way through this harsh, cold, unpalatable, cruel world. And am making a seat at the table.

I have never cease to keep my vision alive.  I have never cease my dreams, nor have I stagnated in the act to become the best person I could become on all levels of my being.  Physically, I exercised.  Emotionally, I let go of old ways, ideas, and beliefs, adopting new ones in its place.  And spiritually, I not only envisioned today, but I envisioned my future, and how I wanted to change my life’s journey.  It took me a while to figure out how my life was going to unfold, when it was going to take place, and when it was going to come to fruition!   My whole life’s journey has been a series of passages and quest, towards an ultimate diurnum, in my souls pathway toward a balanced, harmonic, way of life.

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