The Healing Horse, Ch. 25, Scene 4: Up the Brick Path

photo of curved brick path
In this scene, Karen meets her friend Tammy’s sister, an unhappy teenager who resents her disabled little sister.

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Scene 4: Up the Brick Path

Kimberly’s long brown hair was parted in the middle and hung down her back. A breeze blew it as she crossed the street. She stopped by the driver’s side of the big, black station wagon and talked with someone inside.

The door opened, and Mrs. Beaumont got out. She was petite but had broad, powerful shoulders. She wore her hair up, like the lady she was and looked good in tan capris and a white button-up shirt with its tails hanging out. They shook hands, and Kimberly helped her drag a folded wheelchair out of the back. Mrs. Beaumont opened another door of the station wagon and pushed the chair close to it, so she could lift Tammy into it.

A tall, very heavy teenage girl climbed out of the station wagon, her eyes narrow, and her lips pursed in anger. She, too, wore tan capris and a white shirt with the tails out, and her brown hair was in a flip. She helped Mrs. Beaumont lift Tammy and pivot her into the chair. Tammy wore a matching outfit and had her hair in a flip, too.

They walked slowly up the curved brick path to the front door. The teenage girl smiled, but only with her lips.

“Mama! They’re here!” Karen shouted as she patted her hair, opened the door, and rushed down the steps to help.

“Hi, Tammy! Hi, Mrs. Beaumont! Hi, Kimberly! And you must be Sandy, Tammy’s big sister. Nice to meet you! Why don’t you guys come in?”

She helped pull Tammy’s wheelchair up the single step onto the porch, as Mama proudly watched.

After a brief exchange of greetings, Mrs. Beaumont left to run errands in her station wagon, and Mama retreated to the kitchen so the girls could play by themselves. Sandy followed Mama to the kitchen. She would do her homework but be available to help Tammy.

Karen said, “Tammy, this is my friend Kimberly from across the street. Even though we are the same age, she doesn’t have any disabilities so she goes to the neighborhood school. So, now you are getting to meet another girl without disabilities besides your sister! And Kimberly, this is Tammy who has lots of disabilities. She goes to my school and is my best friend, there, just like you’re my best after-school friend. Now, let’s go to Mama’s room so Tammy can see the beautiful Art Deco dresser, and we can play.”

Kimberly hugged Tammy, and Tammy smiled as Karen pushed her wheelchair down the hallway straight to Mama’s bedroom.

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