Making Peace with Your Past

Have you ever been awaken from a deep sleep only to have some experience or thought  from the past starring you in the face?  Didn’t you think you’d got rid of what ever was haunting you long time ago, or did you just berry them deep within the crevasse of your being?

Well, earlier this morning, I experienced just this-  I was forced to look at myself, squarely between my eyes.  I was forced to look at these areas of my life that resurfaced again.  I was forced to clean house, look at my motives- if any, and finally make peace within myself.

I had to!  I had to honestly look at these past experiences and finally find a way to heal- I had glimpse-  glimpse that I had a choice.  I could either continue to ignore them, and not find a positive resolution to what was hurting me so severely, and deeply within my core and being,  or I could resolve them.

I could release these lasting impressions that creped upon my mind time and again for what ever reason they did.   I could turn my life and feelings around by facing them.  I could release the residue of these past feelings through acceptance.  Acceptance could be my road to peace and harmony.  Acceptance could be my  friend if I let it-

I could let go of the worst, hold on to only the best- and determine to find hope inside my heart and mind-  and I could allow it to continue throughout my life.

Reginia Hill says…”Acceptance is the heart’s best defense, love’s greatest asset, and the easiest way to keep believing in yourself and others.”

So that is what I decided!

Yes, my thoughts greeted me today-  And, yes, they said …”hello, –  But its what I did with those thoughts-  Its how I took my feelings, and how I turned my situation around –  Its how I allowed my healing process within to begin-  And, its how I empowered myself to be more positive-  Its how I decided to think differently-  and how I decided to change for the better!

Yes, It’s not easy!   Although, I’ve learned, that admitting my problems to myself is a whole lot easier and less painful than denying it to myself.  It is so much easier to accept that a long time ago such and such was done and said, and, that  I was not to happy or impressed with how I handled the situation at hand.

But, its how I decide to deal with it.  Its how I decide to use this given opportunity to my fullest potential!…  it’s how I can make and turn this particular situation around!  Its how I can make it feel right within the core of my being-  Its through the learning and accepting that makes me feel whole and complete again-  It’s not about tearing myself down or apart for not say the right thing at the right, given moment- Its about being gentle with myself and making peace with myself through acceptance.

Well, this morning I awoke that way, and have not been able to sleep since.  I woke up only to realize I had some very important business to take care of.  I realized that I better do some more homework on myself-  I realized that I had some very important  mental and emotional housekeeping to do-  I realized that I better start dissolving and liquefy the cobwebs lurking in my mind so that I could go forth in peace and harmony.

One comment on “Making Peace with Your Past
  1. sean dineen says:

    The cobwebs, my dear one, are from a world which doesn’t value, real truth.
    You and I are giving of ourselves to prove that victory is possible, your life is a living testament to the truth of what a person can achieve. Your light is a spring morning into the winter of our hearts.

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