The Healing Horse, Ch 3: Her Developing Imagination Thrives on Horse Stories and Leads Her to Its Manifestation

In this chapter, the tension begins to build as Mama pushes me to go out into the world, where I will soon meet my mentor. In this first scene, I introduce my friend Tammy (not her real name), who had much more severe CP than I did. I was happy to find someone I could really help, and her determination inspired me to see my own challenges as gifts.

Scene 1: Tammy Struggles, too.

As the primary school years passed, Karen found she was far from alone in her learning troubles. For their own reasons, her classmates also struggled with academics.

Her friend Tammy needed someone to turn the pages of her book when she read, and someone to write answers for her when she took a test. She could not hold a book, nor a pen. Karen was thrilled as she helped her friend, whose CP was much more severe than her own. Her friend Tammy’s struggles reinforced her own will to never give up, nor to flee from any challenge. She resolved to tackle everything head-on. She knew that her own challenges were gifts, and that she had been given each one for a specific reason.

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